Monthly Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Here are the practices that were sent out in 2021!

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May 2021 Written Practices and Audio

Generosity with Chris Fortin

May-Wildland Firefighters.pdf
May 2021 Practices
May 2021 Audio Practice-Chris.m4a

May 2021 Audio Practice

June 2021 Practices and Audio

Patience / Acceptance with Laura Martin

June Wildland Firefighters.pdf
June 2021 Practices
June 2021 Audio Practice-Laura.m4a

June 2021 Audio Practice

July 2021 Practices and Audio

Working With Rather Than Against with Lee Klinger Lesser

July - Wildland Firefighters.pdf
July 2021 Practices
July 2021 Audio Practice-Lee.m4a
July 2021 Audio

August 2021 Practices and Audio

Living in Integrity with Vanessa Meade

August-Wildland Firefighters.pdf
August 2021 Practices
August 2021 Audio Practice-Vanessa.m4a
August 2021 Audio

September 2021 Practices and Audio

Cultivating Curiosity with Laura Martin

September-Wildland Firefighters.pdf
September 2021 Practices
September 2021 Audio Practice-Laura.m4a
September 2021 Audio

October 2021 Practices and Audio

"The Ground: It ain't what you think it is" with Chris Fortin

October - Wildland Firefighters.pdf
October 2021 Practices
October 2021 Audio Practice-Chris.m4a
October 2021 Audio

November 2021 Practices and Audio

Gratitude with Vanessa Meade

November - Wildland Firefighters.pdf
November 2021 Practices
November 2021 Audio Practice-Vanessa.m4a
November 2021 Audio

December 2021 Practices and Audio

Connection with Lee Klinger Lesser

December - Wildland Firefighters.pdf
December 2021 Practices
December 2021 Audio Practice-Lee.m4a
December 2021 Audio